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The Cost of Solar Lights in Long Terms
July 25, 2021

The Cost of Solar Lights in Long Terms

The Cost of Solar Lights in Long Terms

Are you wondering about outdoor lighting ideas? It does not matter if you have a small balcony, yard or a huge garden – there is always room for one more light.

Summer has us all wanting to spend more time outside, especially evenings, and good lighting will transform the way you use your outdoor space. Solar lights are a must-have for your home or business for improved security and reliability of your property. It has many benefits over conventional lighting methods. The new and advanced solar lighting system brings several advantages. Do not panic if you do not have power in your front garden; some good solar lights can transform the look instantly!

Bet on clean and renewable energies; you be spending less and helping our planet. So, here is the information you are looking for to choose the right one.

What Is Solar Lighting?

The light obtained from the energy of the sun is solar lighting. It is one of the most economical and systematic forms of electricity. Solar lights can be installed in different areas and transform the house looks at night. They are available in many styles: Hanging, mounting, stringing and even in-ground solutions, and they are very simple to install.

Working Mechanism

It works on the simple principle of collecting solar energy from the sun and converting it into the light. This process needs the photovoltaic effect, which is used in the solar panel. It contains solar energy the whole day and stores it in getting cell solar rechargeable batteries. A solar lighting system is a great way to provide evening and night-time lighting to your garden or terrace without having to run electricity from hard-to-reach outlets. It allows you to place it anywhere you want as long as they get enough sunlight to recharge.

Advantages of Solar Lighting

• Eco-friendliness

• Better LEED rating

• Low maintenance cost

• Cost-effective electricity

Application Areas for Solar Lighting Systems

• Outdoor solar lighting (garden, fence, lawn, walkway, floodlights, streets and parking)

• Indoor solar lighting (lamps, shed light, tube lights and lanterns)

Cost Comparison Between Solar and Other Lights

If you do a quick research online, you will find that the popularity of solar lights has given rise to green technologies and an increase in the cost of energy. Now the question raised is, how much do solar lights cost compare to other lights?

The average cost of one common light, including the lighting fixture, pole and base, averages at ₹1.5 Lakhs. The cost of solar lights is high. The average cost is around ₹2.3 Lakhs. It also includes the light fixture, controller, pole, solar panel and smaller components that form the solar panel light. But, in many instances, the upfront pricing for other lights is more misleading because people often forget about what costs far more: The electrical infrastructure.


The most significant difference between the price of solar lights and other lights lies in fees associated with building the electrical infrastructure for other lighting systems, as these are connected to a standard electrical grid to collect their power, which requires trenching and underground wiring. This process can cost about ₹3K (approx.) per linear foot by adding labour fees. Then the average cost will be around ₹2.4 Lakhs, which is significantly higher than the price of a solar light. As a result, the total cost reduces significantly, driving down the total cost for solar.

Maintenance Costs

Solar lights are most efficient when we combine them with LED technology to light an area of concern and gradually degrade over time instead of burning out in an instant. Solar lighting system requires less maintenance than other lighting systems. The expected lifespan for a conventional street light averages around 5,000 to 8,000 hours, which is almost less than a year of usage, but solar LED lights last 5-7 years. The cost of each repair is less in solar lights. The cost of batteries and labour is slightly higher than the cost of standard lights.

Energy Bills

There are no energy costs since solar lights gather their energy from the sun. The energy cost of one street light is about ₹90K (over five years). A system of 10 lights will achieve a heavy bill over this course of time.

Final Words

The solar lighting system has many benefits over other lighting systems. It is more cost-efficient, long-lasting and eco-friendly. However, due to its limitations, it can be overcome with several measures like using solar lights periodically in cloudy weather, cleaning the panels after rainfall, etc. With this detailed information on solar lighting, you can now purchase the best solar lights for your use at Synergy Solar Wave.