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mangerDheeraj has decades of experience building a gamut of businesses from scratch and maintaining a healthy P&L, while keeping a keen eye on operations. Having worked in Food & Beverage, Transportation, Manufacturing, Medical Tourism industries, his strength lies in perfecting supply chain & logistics and superior customer satisfaction. Dheeraj specialises in deeply understanding core of the business, feasibility studies, manpower planning, financial forecasting and budgeting.

Dheeraj has a unique leadership style in which he believes in motivating his team by leading from the front. He believes in people of an organization being its biggest investment and asset. And this is the sort of commitment he stands by is necessary to take the renewable energy sector in India to the next level. According to Dheeraj, as the Indian solar industry is growing with leaps and bounds, an ancillary industry of solar products waste management is in the offing. This is something that Dheeraj and Synergy Solar will feel responsible towards and a place where his previous extensive experience in waste management will shine.

Dheeraj believes in single point, goal oriented focus towards building a brand and that there are no shortcuts to success. It is this mantra that is driving his passion to see Sarrvad as a household name in India when it comes to solar energy.

Dheeraj Aggarwal


mangerBelonging to a business family himself, Mr Naresh Bansal is a graduate in Commerce and has applied his sharp business acumen to family owned businesses, including a chain of stores of a popular Indian wellness brand. He has a clear vision for Synergy Solar World and Sarrvad, which is to make consumers and industries alike more informed about the benefits of solar power. Mr Bansal wants to take the company on the path of compound growth and, under his supervision, the company has successfully installed several megawatts of solar setups and rooftop solar in the commercial sector. His forte lies in turning around projects in minimum time and with maximum efficiency. This caliber of Mr Bansal has been recognised by the industry and he has won an award for Project Design Head of the Year - Rooftop (Golden Award Winner).

Mr Bansal believes that the future of Solar Sector in India is bright. The whole world would watch where India would go; however the government support and subsidies would play a pivotal role in the sector’s expansion. The success mantra that he swears by is that by sheer hard work and discipline anything is possible and that an individual or an organization can attain great results.

Naresh Bansal