Solar Inverter System


An inverter is a very popular electric device that converts a direct current stored from grid to another current which can be used for running appliances. Electricity supply has always been erratic in India be it villages or towns. Over the years, this problem had its own set of locally grown solutions, and due to this reason, diesel electricity generators or DGs were quite popular and later usage of inverters was rampant. Inverters became a household requirement all across the country. But ironically even the inverters required electricity in the first place to run, and the recent development in this field is the usage of solar inverters which are only dependent on sunlight to power your house.

Why Synergy wave systems

Imagine a realm of uninterrupted power supply!! Get access to this real world and never have a moment of inconvenience say yes to the power-packed range of Synergy Wave system LLP Solar Inverters. Our solar inverters are robust in design and par excellence in performance. With a built-in LCD panel, fast charging features and many other user-friendly settings, they are available both in single and three phase configurations. At Synergy wave system LLP, customer satisfaction is the key which drives our business, and you can rest assured regarding the quality of the solar system installation and after-sales services. These inverters are blessings especially when constant power supply eludes you in your area for some reason or the other. So all you have to do is to switch on the light without thinking twice.

Moreover, the good news is that even if you have a conventional inverter already at your place, you just need to connect the solar inverter system with it and both will be up and running, simultaneously but concurrently as per the situation. A simple solar conversion kit charges the battery from solar power whenever it’s available and for remaining time the grid power is used for charging the batteries. This way you take benefit of both the power sources and this also protects your investment on your current traditional inverter.

Uses and types of Solar Inverter

There are two types of solar inverter systems

(a) Off Grid Solar Inverter – with the basic functioning of converting DC to AC, this particular solar inverter is an assembly of charge controller, batteries, inverter & PV solar panels. The batteries are charged using solar panels. The power generated is used to run various household appliances.

(b) Grid-connected solar inverter- The purpose of this inverter is also to convert DC to AC but this also supplies excess electricity generated to the grid hence helps in earning additional income. It uses MPTT (Maximum power point tracker) which enable it to extract maximum from power from the solar panel. They also have a built-in anti-islanding functionality to prevent risk to the grid in case of power failure in the grid.

As the solar inverter set up is complimentary to your existing traditional inverter set up, it would be a prudent investment which will eventually turn out to be a boon both in the short term and long run.