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Synergy Wave System brings forth an array of robust and efficient Solar energy products as per the client’s requirements. Our cutting-edge products, strong work-ethics, and mission to make India energy efficient & environment-friendly gives you the following advantages;

Solar Energy Service

Synergy Wave System provides end-to-end services related to Solar panel solutions. Our extensive experience in the field coupled with a range of products from Solar LEDs to Solar Rooftop installations helps us deliver the best to you.

Successful Projects

As a client, you get the advantage of our quality project track record that includes 300+ Solar Rooftop projects, 3000+ projects ranging from pumps to the telecom industry, business operations in 68 countries and 26 years of solar-energy domain leadership.

Cutting Edge Solar Products

Be it Solar PV modules, Solar LED lights, Thermal heaters, Solar water heaters, Solar street lights, or any other solar-powered product, our association with the Adani Solar Manufacturers always yields the best of products and unmatched warranty policy.


We Cover the Whole Spectrum

Why Solar?

Our passion for renewable and clean energy projects and a determination to serve you at par the industry norms gives you;


Green & Clean Energy

Solar energy is 100% clean without any form of emissions. Using it conserves the environment and money saving in the long run.


Renewable Energy

Solar energy is fully renewable. As long as there is the sun, you get electric power for life.


Multipurpose Usage

We provide Solar-powered products for all the requirements ranging from personal to commercial.


Low Installation & Maintenance Cost

Solar energy systems are highly cost-efficient and bear low-installation cost along with low maintenance cost in the long run. More power, more savings.


Quick Installation

Solar energy systems and devices can be installed quickly and are instantly ready to use.


Highly Durable

Our Solar products are designed for high-performance and robustness to withstand weathering and failures.

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Our Projects

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All Roads Lead To Solar Energy

Following are some compelling reasons to adopt Solar Energy.

Solar energy systems incur a one time cost initially along with the annual maintenance costs. In the long run, Solar energy will save your expenditure on the electricity as it almost comes free. Compared to what you will spend versus what benefits you’ll reap is just unbeatable.


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